How to Grant or Deny an iOS App Access to Your Location

It’s a pretty common scenario for the applications to seek permission of the user whether to access or not. And apart from some rare occasions, you hardly deny anything such. In general, these tools ask for detail regarding the location. It’s fine if just a single app seeks such access. But, as the number of applications increase no wonder if you find running out of power.

To be honest, this sort of practice involves a lot of risk regarding protection of the device other than just power issues. Hence, most people try to avoid usage like this. It has been seen in many occasions that people rubbish access of an app location initially; however, later you make a double thought and wish to get it back. A pretty common scenario here is that you run out of idea.

Finding the Best Solution:

There are certain other applications available as well those just take your location in to account upon having the app on. Some other applications are also there those who use the location passively. Being a user you would never want any of your application to function without your permission or knowledge.

Going with a Straightforward Way:

Anyway, there is a suitable option available for it. It can be really great if you make the GPS off absolutely. Offcourse this is a straight forward way. But, through the process useful applications also don’t be able in finding your location. Once the battery power of the product gets diminished by the time, or if the user finds some applications just extraneous of sharing location information, then you should be able in making the access off for those specific apps.

We are having a solution if you are an owner of iPhone or iPad. Check it how.


  • Move over the Settings, then Privacy, and Location Services.
  • Move down and you can witness a line-up of applications those look for location access.
  • Close to every app you can find it is written Never, While Using, or Always. If it is marked ‘Never’ close to the names never access the location information. If it is written ‘While Using’ the tool takes the location information in to account when it is over the display. And, ‘Always’ written means the app can deal with the location information even if it is not in function.
  • Click the one with written ‘Always’ by its side.
  • Next click While Using the App to make sure that it doesn’t access the location information. Some applications never let this option. However, if you wish the application to deal with your location, then you can alter the setting to Never.
  • Now, move to the end and click System Services.
  • You can now find system services those access your information in background. Find My iPhone is a handy tool for safety of your device. Hence, you should never stop it to access location information. You can disable other not so useful as well in accordance with your need.

You can certainly enjoy a better battery life going through the process.  Go through the steps given and lets us know about your experience.

Francesca Payne

Francesca Payne

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