Android’s Battery Can Last Longer!

Technology is developing at an exponential rate; and so do their hunger for battery power. Good news is, with every new generation of products, the batteries get updated too. The batteries we have this year are certainly very different from the ones we have had last year. More importantly, the companies are implementing changes in battery consumption as well. Battery longevity is given more focus so that the battery that’s housed inside your smartphone’s unibody doesn’t require a change very often. Creating impressive new battery saving technologies has been Samsung’s forte lately with their Galaxy series smartphones but they aren’t the only one to do so. And guess what, you can be the own booster of your Android smartphone’s battery life just by following few subtle tricks.

Android Phones Battery Life

Power Saving Mode Actually Works

Most smartphones these days have a software implemented power saving mode. What it basically does is – putting your device into a minimal mode. The processor runs in minimum capacity, RAM doesn’t take much of battery power and in some cases, the display runs on a different mode. All these together sums up in a battery life worth 4 or more hours; so use your phone’s battery saving mode if there’s one. However, your phone would most probably be able to only make and receive calls and text messages in power saving modes.

Use Third Party Automation Apps

It is troublesome to put your phone into a sleeping mode or turning off the network radios before you go to bed every night. Instead, use an app that’s going to do the job for you. The automated timer will make the necessary adjustments and switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS etc. at night and will block unnecessary calls as well. Everything gets turned back on at morning and you don’t need to do a single thing by yourself.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Apps

Uninstall or disable the apps you don’t need. Every app installed on your Android smartphone takes up space in your RAM, uses the processor and all these requires battery power. Don’t keep the apps on your phone you never use – simple uninstall or disable them. If your phone is rooted, getting rid of them is easy.

Freeze Apps you don’t Use

Use apps like Greenify or Titanium Backup to use these features. Greenify checks for apps that are not using any resources and hibernates the app until it’s launched again for further usage. Rooting a device is easy these days, but you will lose manufacturer’s official warranty. Proceed at your own risk.

Keep the Home Screen Neat

It’s a silly matter that most Android users overlook, but your home screen can actually make a difference in the battery consumption. More number of widgets and icons take more burning pixels on the display; especially on AMOLEDs. Even the other display types are affected and hence more battery consumption takes place. If you need more icons present in the home screen, put them inside folders. Less number of widgets and no live wallpaper are always helpful.


These aren’t very hard steps to achieve, but most users can’t implement since they don’t know much about what eats up more battery power. Doing these little tricks won’t get a day’s worth of battery life of course; but you may not need to carry the charger to every place you get.

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