How to Automatically Delete Old Text Messages on iPhone, Android

Each day you come across with many new text messages, and the next moment those get older. Problem is, they just get stacked and the impact, your phone’s performance is affected, or you find it hectic while looking for a specific one. On this context, deleting the unwanted older stuffs automatically is much desired. You are at the right place if you wish anything such. Take a look at the steps given below.

For iPhone Users:

Setting your iPhone device to delete entire set of older texts is possible, however, you can’t make it happen so that entire texts from a specific sender to be retained even the expiry date is passed. In case you wish to save any data from a text, it is recommended to have relevant applications for it like Evernote. Go through the steps for automatic cleaning the older texts.

  • Go through Settings, and then to Messages.
  • Move over the part called Message History.
  • Click Keep Messages.
  • It’s going to delete texts those are one month or a year older, the way you choose.

For Android Users:

The process with Android is comparatively a little baffling in comparison as here you have many varieties. Anyway, Google powered Hangsouts app is always a very good option that lets you spontaneously delete the antique texts.

  • Go through the steps given below for Hangout to take care of your texts.
  • Open the application Hangouts, and click the three horizontal lines as you can find those at top.
  • Now click Settings.
  • Then click SMS.
  • Click SMS Disabled and next click OK. It might take some seconds to finish as you click OK.

It’s time now to automatically delete texts through the application.

  • Move over the ADVANCED part.
  • You can find Delete old texts. It’s going to delete the older texts from over your device when the memory is minimal.

This is handy undoubtedly; however, some Android devices let you to save specific texts as well. The feature doesn’t do well with some devices, but works pretty well with those like G3. You can go with the SMS application by the manufacturer to save specific texts, and delete older stuffs as given below.

  • Open the application SMS.
  • You can find three dot keys at the top.
  • Move over Settings, and then to Storage.
  • Mark ‘Delete old messages’ and go through the drop down option to assign the limit on the number of texts each chat can have.
  • If you wish to save an antique message from getting deleted automatically, then long press the particular text in the chat, and click Copy to Saved box.

However, the particular facility is not there available over all the phones as default. Hence, the user has to make sure prior whether his/her device is having the option or not.

The facility of deleting the older texts automatically is certainly quite useful, and we hope the above mentioned methods can be effective. In case of Android, you need to put some extra effort due to plethora of varieties, and hence the settings.

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