Best Apple Apps For Meditation


Meditation has a number of great benefits that include reducing stress, increasing happiness and improving concentration. Ideally, meditation is done in a secluded, quiet, space that is comfortable and possibly decorated with crystals and incense. Unfortunately, you can’t always find the perfect location, which is why having an app on the go can help you make the best of an opportune moment to meditate. Here is a quick review of Apple apps for meditation to help you find and obtain peace:

Mindbliss Meditations: This app offers several sessions geared towards specific goals such as spirituality or wellbeing. You will be guided by an expert and even have the option of joining an online community of users.

Headspace: If you are a frequent traveler, this British app provides simple, ten-minute exercises, some of which come free with the initial download.  The app will allow you to track your progress and even comes with the endorsement of the star and activist Emma Watson.

Calm: This app is aimed at reducing stress and has options that are as short as two minutes- which is perfect if you are busy. The app also offers programs for energy, creativity, sleep and more. The app can be downloaded for free on Apple devices.

Buddhify 2: This app is geared towards big city dwellers and can help you relax on the bus, in the gym or even during a meal. The app offers a great variety of options for the style and length of mediation that are perfect for the urban setting.

Not every app will be ideal for your needs, but they are definitely worth a try. If you need to upgrade your Apple device back to school season makes for good deals on iPads regardless of whether you are a student.  If you prefer to use a phone, you can find all that you need for any app at the iPhone accessories store.

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