Block Websites without Using Any Software

We are bothered by perky or pervert websites; or just ad sites very often. These embarrassing websites often pop up out of nowhere and create a scene. Or maybe you are just a concerned parent who wants to protect their children from visiting websites they shouldn’t be visiting. Even sometimes protecting privacy is an important issue and you might want other people using your computer to not see some specific websites. Whatever may be the reason, blocking websites is an easy task to perform. Guess what, you don’t even need to go through the lengthy processes of installing third party software to do the job for you. We are illustrating processes for both Windows and Mac systems.

Block Websites

For Windows

To start up with blocking websites in Windows, what you need to do is simply edit a file in notepad. You don’t even need to know coding; it’s just a simple editing task.

To begin with, you need your computer’s HOSTS file. This file is usually saved in a specific direction, and that is C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc. However, if you are still stuck using the old Windows NT technology, then you might have to replace ‘Windows’ with ‘Winnt’. Everything else remains as they are.

For easier access, you can just copy paste the above link into your My Computer’s address bar, you will directly get there. Another way is to paste the address into the RUN dialogue box, basically does the same thing.

The immediate next window would bring you an “Open With” dialogue box where you will be asked to ask the file you requested with a program. As mentioned before, use Notepad. The file will open a text file starting with Copyright information. Skip them all and get down to ‘For Example’; there are two sample IP address and URLs.

Use indentation to get to the next line and use IP address; then put the website you want to block after a tab. After you are done, save and close it. Open your browser and try visiting the website you have just blocked; you can’t. You have just blocked a website without using any third party software!

For Mac

From “Go” menu, click on “Go to Folder”. In the dialogue box, type in ‘/private’, which opens up the specific folder where the etc subfolder belongs. However, inside the ‘etc’ folder, locate Hosts and like Windows; open it using TextEdit. In that file, find out where you have to put the website URLs. Like Windows, it’s very easy to locate. However, write the website name in both and format to ensure the block is implemented properly. Writing only one might not completely block the website.


This is the procedure to block a website without getting third party programs. If you believe you need more protection that just blocking websites, then you can get yourself a free filter program. Even some free Antivirus software like Avast come with filters included, you could try them out as well. There are plenty of usable solutions to this issue.

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