Free Photo Editing Tool on Your Chromebook? Here is Five!

Gone are the days when you had to install stand alone software to your pc in order to access them. With the advent of SaaS (software as a service) providers, everything has become accessible from a browser. Email accounts, social networking platforms, shopping and banking, all from a browser. This is one of the main reasons why Chromebooks have rocketed to popularity within a very short span of time. But, what options does one have when it comes to image editing? Pretty thin, one might say! They would also say that might have to go back to your basic MS Paint or Picture Manager for basic editing or even the Adobe Photoshop for some heavy editing. But, they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Listed below are some image-editing tools that work like magic on a Chromebook. And the best thing about them, they are absolutely free!

The Integrated Image Editor

The Chromebook comes with an inbuilt image editor which is available under the Files App. You need to download the image to your device before you can use this tool. It appears like a simple image viewer. It also supports slide shows. It allows you to edit your images and has basic editing tools like crop, brightness and contrast adjustment. One can use the “autofix” tool for fine-tuning the brightness and contrast levels to optimum levels.

Which are the Best Image Editors for Chrome OS?

If you thought the inbuilt image editor is Chromebook is the best you can get, you are wrong. You need to download and install these third party apps to set the ball rolling.

  • Pixlr editor has been the image editor of choice for many Chromebook users for obvious reasons. Even though the ads are a letdown, the full screen option adequately takes care of that problem. This tool comes with layer support which makes it easier for the user to insert and remove layers in the image. Apart from this, it has all the typical image editing tools you will need.
  • Sumo Paint is Pixlr editor minus the irritating ads. Capability wise, it might be a notch below Pixlr editor, but the ads-free display is a win-win for many users which is exactly why this tool has seen a surge in interest recently.
  • If your concern is with accessing RAW image files from digital cameras, then you probably need to check out Polarr. It is a high end tool adequate for serious photographers with in-depth editing requirements. This tool allows users to add filters and layers apart from other basic editing options.
  • Last but not the least, the humble Google+ image editor is worth mentioning too. Although, by no means, a path-breaking image editor, it can serve as a basic image editor if all what you are looking for is slightly fine tune your images from the smartphone, this editor from Google can come in handy. The ease with which this software can be used is definitely a plus point and hence winning a lot of takers.

Hope this list of tools answers your search for a perfect image editing software for your Chromebook!

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