Difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8

When you log into Windows 8, the first screen you see is the new ‘Begin Screen’, otherwise called ‘Metro’. It still has the recognizable “Desktop” also however we’ll go to that in a moment. Instead of Symbols, the new Begin screen has ‘Tiles’. You click these to open your “Applications” (short for Provisions). In the event that you can’t discover a specific tile, do a right rodent click in the space at the lowest part of the screen and click All Applications.


In Windows 8 we can utilize applications and projects. Applications open full screen in Metro; projects open on the Desktop as they completed in Windows 7. Additional applications could be downloaded from the Windows Store. Windows 8 accompanies an antivirus project called ‘Guard’. Apps don’t need to be shut by clicking a X in the corner – rather, simply press the Windows key on your console to come back to the Begin Screen. Alternatively, an application might be shut by dragging it down from the highest point of the screen with your rodent, with the left catch held down – or with your finger assuming that you are utilizing a touch screen.

Windows 8 doesn’t have a Begin Menu. Rather, it has a ‘Charms Bar’ (see right) which is the place you head off to close down and use different instruments, for example, ‘Look’.

Whereas in Windows 7 you may have utilized Windows Live Mail for your email, Windows 8 has another “Mail” application. Instead of having divide contacts for email, Skype and long range interpersonal communication e.g. Facebook, you will discover all your contacts together in the new “Individuals” application.

As said above, Windows 8 does still have a Desktop like Windows 7. To discover this, click the Desktop tile. Accepted projects, for example, Microsoft Word open on the desktop in the ordinary way and still must be shut utilizing the X as a part of the upper right hand corner.

Windows 8 incorporates two adaptations of Web Wayfarer 10, one which opens from a tile on the Begin screen and additionally one which looks more like form 9 and opens from a symbol on the Desktop. Projects can at present be stuck to the taskbar by right clicking your rodent on a symbol in the taskbar and picking Stic

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