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It was only recently that Twitter allowed access to their archives to anyone who wanted to search the database. This allows users access to the billions of tweets since 2006. Now, this is a very welcome step and is much appreciated by people who are interested in finding out the owner of the very first tweet on different topics. As a way of finding out the source of a tweet or the person who broke particular news, this step from Twitter will have far reaching implications.


So, if you have some time to spare and some basic researching skills, you could get to the bottom of any tweet. All you need to do is open Twitter’s advanced search, enter a keyword and start and end dates. Now, you need to put your head down and go through the tweets, old and new, until you find the actual owner of the tweet. It goes without saying that this process can become a bit overwhelming if you need to do more than a couple of searches. Also, this is not devoid of errors or inaccurate data owing to the tediousness associated with the task.

There is yet another problem associated with this method. Twitter doesn’t allow searching for results ranging more than a few weeks. So, if you are looking for a tweet that originated at a date that you have no guesses about, you might end up hours just finding the right period of time. Now, this method definitely won’t qualify for the best Time Management Method award! Manual searching of tweets is not a method that many Twitter users are going to appreciate. Alternatives, anyone?

So, is there a better solution for the same that doesn’t involve spending hours and hours on a Twitter search, narrowing down search results by changing dates frequently? The answer is yes, and what you are looking for is “Who Said It First”  web-app. This unique app saves you time, lots of it, and returns you the search result for any Twitter entry automatically.

Let’s try and understand how this works. ‘Who Said It First’ performs binary searches against the search criteria within the Twitter archives. It uses the search query to run a complete search against the full range of dates in the Twitter advanced search category. This allows it to cut the entire range of years by half, selecting the appropriate half and discarding the other half. This binary search will continue till the whole range is shortlisted and that elusive tweet is identified. Sounds good? Just imagine the tons of time it is going to save the users.

However, there is one downside to all this. Because of the massive time ranges it has to search, sort and eliminate, the whole process might consume a bit of time. nonetheless, compared to the previous method, it is indeed a time saver and that too beyond comparisons. Therefore, if you are searching for that important tweet and who tweeted it first, download Who Said It First today!

Francesca Payne

Francesca Payne

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