GetResponse Vs HubSpot Choose the Right Landing Page Builder Tool

Websites, the new age identity to business or blogs to entities or people, they make a brand new world in themselves. Every website is built with one single purpose: to create an audience. In order to create an audience we all know, presentation is the most important key point. A website’s presentation depends highly on its first page so it is important to spend time and expertise on this task.

landing page templete

Every website leaves a first impression at the only destination; it’s landing page. A great landing page is the most important part of a website. A landing page sets the feel to your website and to a very great extent change the impression you create. Hence, you must concentrate on creating a unique and meaningful landing page.

If you are worried about how make that perfect landing page for your website or blog, then we have a good news for you. The internet is flooded with options or tools that help you create your own landing page and then you have us!! We will help you choose the best out of all the options available.

In this post we compare two of such tools that claim to be the best in the market. GetResponse and HubSpot.

So here, we will see if GetResponse and HubSpot are really as good as they claim to be

Lets go for it!

Choose For Designs

One of the very basic and yet the most important factor to choose a landing too is availability of incredible designs to choose from. A landing page tool is supposed to give you a professional looking website and a professional looking website can be created by using the templates that the tool offers and hence a landing page tool should be chosen for this one reason.

GetResponse give multiple options and huge number of templates to choose from for your landing page. It has a huge collection of professional pictures from where you can choose to customise the already existing templates and create your own landing page. These pages have responsive design and hence can fit to any device screen from your iPhone to your laptop.

GetResponse Template Collection

HubSpot on the other hand is an inbound marketing solution and also a landing page creation tool. It provides you great looking templates. But it does not give you the option to design the page yourself!! The basic outlook of the template can not be changed and you can just change the picture or colour etc. It is the perfect tool if you do not want to make a landing page all by yourself.

HubSpot Templates

This However, takes away the unique identity that can be created for a landing page as all you can do is to choose from pre-designed templates. The templates are responsive and good to look at.

The abundance of options, designs and images to choose from and the ability to customise the pages completely give GetResponse a plus point against HubSpot. GetResponse allows you to change any HTML code that you want to, so that you can create your own unique page.

Choose For Ease of USE

When you want to create something you need your tools to be easy to use, efficient and flawless. This ease of use is our next target to evaluate these two tools.

HubSpot Landing Page Editing

GetResponse and HubSpot both have a drag and drop editor, which makes editing or creating a customised page easy. They also support multiple tools in their grid. Nevertheless, with HubSpot you cannot alter the basic setup of the templates while GetResponse allows you to change or edit the HTML coding, this option can be seen on the top right corner of the page.

GetResponse Landing Page Editor

HubSpot and GetResponse both support a one click save and publish option and hence establish the easy usage.

Ease of Integration

Your website must be in link to the world of internet. Hence, your landing page tool must be able to give you the most needed integration.

HubSpot helps you to integrate your page to Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube and software for CRM, Salesforce and Analytics. The exclusive feature of ‘smart content’ lets the customers do some content management, where they can see contents based on source of traffic and area of interest.

GetResponse also integrates your page to social media giants like twitter and YouTube, Google analytics and Facebook. As all your email marketing needs is taken care by GetResponse itself, hence there is no support needed for your email marketing needs.

GetResponse Service Integrations

Customer Support

After sale services make a great part of customer satisfaction, so we put across the customer support from both GetResponse and HubSpot under evaluation here.

HubSpot Dashboard

GetResponse and HubSpot both provide support through Live-chat and email. HubSpot also uses the telephone support with one dedicated number for your resolutions .Another great feature is availability of user networks that you can join and get suggestions from fellow users.


HubSpot is one of the most costly landing page tool available in the market. The packages start from $200 and range up to to $2400 per month. It also gives you a 30 days free trial to test the performance before putting in that amount of money.

HubSpot Pricing

GetResponse however is more pocket friendly, with 30 days of trail period and a basic package worth $15 a month including all your email-marketing needs.

GetResponse Pricing


HubSpot might be a great tool with unique data management but the cost is outrageous and hence GetResponse stands-out as a winner.

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