How to Browse the iPhone App store on Android?

Android Vs iPhone App market

If you are either a hardcore iOS or Android fan, at some point of time, you have had that irresistible urge to try out the Apps that is available in the other OS. You cannot be blamed because that is the frequency with which app developers in both the platforms comes up with unique and innovative apps. Some are available cross platform, while others are unique for that OS. These being the case, a lot of users are left with much to be desired. Some of the top rated apps in android are not available for iOS users and viceversa.

Istore app on Andriod

The Need for Cross-platform App Browsing

If you were to conduct a small survey on how many people are interested in cross platform app download, the numbers would be staggering. It is this demand that fuelled efforts to develop apps that will allow cross platform app browsing. In this page, we will share with you how to access the iPhone app store on your Android device.

First of all you need to understand that it is not possible to access the Google Play Store directly from your iPhone or vice versa. But this doesn’t mean you can’t at all. There is no direct way for it. But of course there are third party apps that can do the job for you. It might sound a bit strange to use un-trusted and unverified apps to access an app store from your phone, but this has been tested by thousands of users and will work.

So let’s begin

  1. Visit the Google Play Store from your android phone
  2. Search and download “Apps Explorer”: This allows users to browse Apple iTunes that are available on the Apple app store. You won’t be able to download this to your Android phone, but you can use it to search for versions compatible with your phone
  3. After download and installation is complete, open the Apps Explorer. This will let you view a list of the most popular paid apps that are available on the Apple app store.
  4. Found something you like? Tap the app and it will show you a description of the selected app along with screenshots.
  5. Now, tap the share icon in the upper right corner. This will give you the following options
    1. Search app on market: This will search the Google Play Store with apps with similar names. Chances are that the search will return something atleast comparable to the actual app.
    2. Search author on market: By searching for the name of the developer, it ensures that all android apps developed by the same developer will be listed
    3. Search app on Google: This will run a Google search with the name of the app
    4. Share app info: Enables you to share the app info.


  1. If you decide to purchase the app for your iPhone or Apple device, you can tap the link on the bottom of the page which will take you to the App store
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