New Features of Windows 8

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1. Windows 8 Touch

Clearly the most clear contrast between Windows 8 and its famous forerunner is the client interface. Windows 7 upheld touch, yet it wasn’t perfect – the controls basically were bad enough. In any case, things have enhanced immensely regarding the touch help in Windows 8. Above all else, touch help on the Desktop is far, much better and you can even close windows and select menu things without issue – Windows has inherent insights to let it know what you are attempting to do. Also, the new Begin Screen is an interface that is assembled for touch. That means tiles rather than menus and much snappier approaches to get to the projects you need. There’s likewise enormously enhanced screen console and penmanship distinguishment.

You don’t have to have a Windows 8 touch PC – the interface still chips away at non touch machines, and numerous trackpads have help for new Windows 8 signals. There are additionally peripherals, for example, touch mice and trackpads from Microsoft and Logitech (around others) that help Windows 8 signals

2. Windows 8 Begin Screen

Microsoft the recognizable Begin menu is a Begin screen which offers the same sort of live tiles and information as Windows Telephone’s home screen,  When you open an application that needs the desktop regardless you get the well known Reuse Receptacle and Taskbar, yet the Begin bind – which now just shows up when you float in the bottom left corner with your rodent – takes you once again to the Begin screen. The Begin Screen could be utilized as a requisition launcher for desktop applications, or Windows 8 Present day UI applications (that is the thing that Microsoft is presently calling the new interface).

3. Better Different Screen Help

Microsoft has chosen that, with a greater amount of us utilizing different screens on our Pcs, that it required to redesign its desktop administration. That means you can now have the Begin Screen on one screen and the desktop in an alternate, or decide to have the Windows 8 Desktop and taskbar on both screens. You can additionally put an alternate foundation on each one screen when you have different screens. Windows 8 additionally empowers you to part screen between Cutting edge UI Windows 8 applications, so you can have both your Windows Errand person on a third of the screen nearby your Desktop. This takes a spot of getting used to!

4. Windows 8 Charms

A key entry for Windows 8 is the thing that Microsoft is calling Charms. These show up when you rodent to the right-hand side of the screen or swipe in from the right on a touchscreen. They empower you to enter the Begin Screen on a touch gadget (in spite of the fact that numerous touch mechanisms will likewise have a physical Windows 8 catch on the bezel of the screen or a Windows key on the console).

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