How to Remove Password from PDF File

One of the most important parts of our daily life is PDF. It is considered as one of the most secured and highly protected files in today’s world. It is always better to have something that is protected and secured. However, this might become your pain as well. Yes, sometimes despite of having all the protection and security we might be asked to provide the password again. The most common example of such instance is in Google Drive. It is one of the safest places in internet and has two level of authentication. However, the protected PDF might keep on asking for the password. There can be many PDFs at Drive and it is not possible to remember the password for all of those. You can’t find the files by name as well if it is protected. In such situations, it is very likely; one would love to have something simple and straightforward option which can convert this Password Protected PDF to an Open File. But, is this possible? Well, it is! Here is how you convert the Password Protected PDF to unprotected File.

Use of Google Chrome

Use, Google Chrome can solve your problem one for all. It has its own PDF Reader and Writer and that can help us to remove the password. The first thing that you have to do is to open a PDF File in Google Chrome Browser. It will automatically ask for the Password. You can provide the Password it wants. Once the file is opened, you must go for the Print Option in the browser. You can press Ctrl+P as well for the Print. It will ask for the Printer, but you need to deselect the printer and rather save the file as PDF. In the Print, there is a option like “Save as PDF”, just select that and save the file in your desired location at your device. Now, the PDF file that is saved in your local machine will be the exact replica of the Password Protected PDF. Now, try to open the saved PDF Document in Google Chrome Browser again. It will not ask for the Password this time and will directly open the file. It will get you rid of the Password and simply have the PDF Document.

If you want to save it in Google Drive then Google Chrome Browser has other options too. You can directly save the file to Google Drive and the saved file will be free of Password. This will ease out most of the worries of PDF Password.

Other Options

But there are many other options as well apart from it. However, the user needs to download or get free applications to do the same work. They are also efficient enough but may be Operating System specific. Some might work for Windows and some might for MAC. But, Google Chrome can be used for both of the leading Operating System.

It might look a complex problem, but removing PDF Password is easier than anything else.

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