Similarities of Windows and Linux


1) Windows and Linux both can have restricted “non-root” (Director in  the instance of Windows) framework clients

2) Both Windows and Linux can run PHP well through Quick CGI.

3) Both Windows and Linux have against infection (a lot of people more hostile to infection programs  for Windows, just about nothing for Linux)  Note: Linux can get infections as well,  yet without running a continuous against infection program on your Linux box, in what manner can you have the possibility to realize that you don’t have an infection on your Linux desktop/server?

4) Both Windows and Linux can run mail servers, run DNS servers, run web servers, do practically any web administration you require.

5) Both Windows and Linux can run a few bits of fittings out of the  box.

6) Both Windows and Linux can blue-screen (or on account of Linux: piece  Panic!!!)

7) Both Windows and Linux make great utilization of your framework assets (Linux  improves a little employment at this, notwithstanding, this focus is truly getting to be  pointless for Linux since Windows is improving a vocation than it finished in the recent past)

8) Both Windows and Linux can run for a few prior days needing to reboot  (normally Linux can keep going longer before must be rebooted, yet that is  not dependably the situation)

9) Both Windows and Linux have file systems that might be debased

10) Both Windows and Linux are utilized within Expert organizations.

11) Both Windows and Linux have open-source programming that runs on them

(i.e. Apache Web server or Tie DNS or Spam assassin, and so on.)

12) Both Windows and Linux can take quite a while to setup (as I would see it,

Windows takes less time setting up than Linux)

13) Both Windows and Linux have help (Red Cap and SUSE are two for  Linux), however in the long run, I think it might be shabbier utilizing

Windows in this respect (both additionally have free online help by means of web  discussions).

14) Both Windows and Linux can boot rapidly (typically Linux boots quicker,  yet Windows is not too far behind; don’t be exchanging to Linux from

Windows simply to spare on boot time!!!; not worth the trouble as I would like to think)

15) Both Windows and Linux have really great security. Windows has entry Control Records on its NTFS record framework, however Linux utilizes Read/write/execute bits as a matter of course.

Linux does can utilize ACLs, however I have never become aware of Linux utilizing ACLs of course.

Access Control Records fundamentally permit you to fine-grain your record framework security. The Read/write/execute bits are extremely constraining contrasted with ACLs.

16) Both Windows and Linux can get infections (Windows is the bigger focus for malware, however this does not imply that Windows is less demanding to contaminate, nor does it imply that you are ensured to get malware when utilizing Windows)

17) Both Windows and Linux are stable working frameworks. Most likely 95% of accidents on Windows are because of flawed equipment or drivers. Then again, both Windows (NT family) and Linux are stable working frameworks, when utilizing great, stable equipment and great, stable drivers.

18) Both Windows and Linux could be secure, when you comprehend what you are doing.

19) Both Windows record frameworks and Linux document frameworks experience the ill effects of hard drive discontinuity.

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