How to Stop Others from Accessing Your Android Apps

You can’t be so rude to say ‘no’ to someone asking for your phone showing any important cause. At the same time you want to ensure that they don’t be so mean to take a dig at your personal stuffs. Anyway, there is a nice way available through which you don’t really have to bother about anything such.

One of the finest ways on this regard can be going with password lock arrangement for the applications. In fact there are many applications on Android platform available doing the job for you.  Still, Smart AppLock is considered one of the best options in comparison.

Here we present you in detail the way Smart AppLock can be set to ensure better protection of your privacy.

  • Download Smart AppLock.
  • Once you download the Smart AppLock tool, and get started it asks for setting the password. It has the basic password as 7777, and it shows as an assist over the display. Type the numbers to open the tool up.
  • Next you will come across with the App Lock tab. Knock over the green plus key at the end.
  • Pick the applications you wish to protect through passwords. You just have to click the checkbox adjacent to particular application that you wish to keep protected.
  • Click ADD.
  • You can find a key marked FAKE by every application. Click on the key to access a fake app crash text. As you open the particular application a message like “Unfortunately, WhatsApp has stopped” appears. This is going to present you with any of the application you have accessed the setting for.
  • Once the message is witnessed, and clicked OK, the application comes back to the main screen. However, upon clicking and holding OK, it asks to put the password for the app.

Well, the entire set of apps you chose are well safe through the password. Still, it is recommended to alter the default password that you can perform following the steps given below.

  • Move left to the Settings.
  • Have a click on Password & Pattern Settings.
  • Put the password and assign a number code.
  • Click Password hint to change the one assigned by default.
  • You can also move over other options by clicking on Lock Type like pattern lock, character password lock, or gesture lock. This is going to assign a general password for the entire set of applications you chose.
  • You can still go for distinct password arrangement for any distinct app following the steps given below.
  • Open the application and move left of the Setting tab.
  • Click Multiple Passwords.
  • Click Add Password, and you can go for distinct applications by clicking Locked Apps.
  • Click the checkbox close to the apps you wish to lock and click Add.

The best part about the tool Smart AppLock is that apart from keeping your application safe, it huddles any illegal user who tries to make admission in to your device, and lets you know. Through the process your entire data can be kept private without getting disturbed by any clash.

Do try this, and let us know.

Francesca Payne

Francesca Payne

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